A gathering of Google workers intends to instruct individuals about constrained mediation says TechCrunch

A gathering of Google representatives is taking to Twitter and Instagram tomorrow trying to teach.

Google inaugurates clean vitality venture in Taiwan, which is first in Asia says TechCrunch

Google has propelled its first perfect vitality venture in Asia. The organization reported today that.

TechCrunch says Chromecast Audio is canned by Google

The Chromecast Audio is no more. Google has chosen to quit producing the sound dongle.

TechCrunch says Lenovo is building a $80 Google Assistant clock for your end table

On the off chance that you like the possibility of Amazon’s Echo Spot — that.

Partnership between Google and Emirates Foundation on Arabic language initiative

Google has reported it is declaring its Arabic language digital skills initiative with another association.

Google Assistant will now notify you about flight delays

If you travel a lot, you must be familiar with the delays because of your.

Google launches new Arabic feature for Gulf job-seekers

Google has announced the launch of a new Arabic language feature on its Search homepage.

Google terminates Alex Jones’ page for “violating YouTube’s Community Guidelines”

  Google has blocked Alex Jones’ page for “violating YouTube’s Community Guidelines.” This came soon after.

Google is Launching Support for the Nvidia P4 Accelerator

  Nowadays days, no cloud platform is whole without support for GPUs. There’s absolutely no.

Google acquires automated reliability testing company GraphicsFuzz

Google has acquired GraphicsFuzz, a company that builds a framework for testing the security and.