Google Pay’s several key upgrades go live now

Google’s   digital wallet platform and online payment system Google Pay recently announced that its several key.

Google Cloud’s much anticipated Los Angeles region to go live this July

Google has for a ling time eyed to open  a second region on the U.S..

Now you can measure distances and areas with Google Earth

Although Google Maps pretty much offers all of the mapping features that casual users need,.

Google Classrooms The new key updates of google

Recently Google added some new key updates to google Classrooms, the free, browser-based educational software.

Google to Increase Potential of Android Parental Control Software, FamilyLink

  Google is increasing the potential of its Android parental control software, Family Link, to.

Google Agrees to a Partnership with

  Google has been escalating its existence recently, and today it has sustained that push.

Next Month Onwards, 2 Google StreetView Cars Will Roam Streets of London

  Beginning next month, two Google StreetView cars will be roaming around London’s streets equipped.

Bike sharing startup Lime is raising $250 Million led by GV (Google Ventures)

LimeBike,  a bicycle-sharing company based in San Mateo, California is reportedly raising $250 million in.

Republicans bash Google for identifying “Nazism” as one of the tenets of the California Republicans

Republicans blasted Google after the search engine briefly identified “Nazism” as one of the tenets.

Public outcry causes Google to step down from its controversial U.S. military contract

Google has backed down from renewing a debatable  contract with the U.S. military . The.