Google launches new search feature in the MENA region to provide direct access to information

Google has rolled out a new feature in the Middle East and North Africa allowing.

Google launches its two smart speakers in India

  Google’s two smart speaker products — the Google Home and Google Home Mini —.

New Google Cloud feature allows users to monitor and optimize how their data flows into their networks

Thanks to a new move by Google, users will be able to get more insights.

Google acquires enough renewable energy to match 100% of its power consumption

  Apple had earlier announced that it is now using renewable energy in all of.

Google’s Chrome Web Store will no longer allow cryptomining extensions

Google is banning all browser extensions that mine crypto from its Chrome Web Store  ..

Google announced the Android Enterprise Recommended program to find which android is enterprise-friendly

With so many Android devices out there to select from, it is not always simple.

Google to use its data analytics techniques and machine learning to make real-time Final Four predictions

  Google has been known to put its latest techs to test in order to.

Google Play audiobooks ups its game with the latest updated features

  The latest update in Google Play Audiobooks will add a number of new features.

Google Play audiobooks get updated with a number of useful features

The latest update in Google Play Audiobooks will add a number of new features to.

CBS and Google join hands to reduce commercial time on Colbert’s Late Show

  CBS and Google have reportedly come together wherein Google will be funding a sponsorship.