Google is promoting its top lawyer, Kent Walker, into a global policy position

CNBC reports that Google is promoting Kent Walker, its top lawyer, into a global policy.

Google’s Fuchsia OS may soon become a reality

Google’s Project Fuchsia was announced by the company quite some time ago. This is said.

Google finally releases it first ever Smart Display

Google for a long time now has been lagging behind Amazon in terms of smart.

Facebook to bring Google’s Senior Engineering Director on board

  Facebook has reportedly hires a senior director of engineering from Google who worked on.

Google obtained API management service Apigee back in 2016,

Google obtained API management service Apigee previous in 2016, but it is been pretty quiet.

Google’s Classrooms gets some key updates

It was just recently that Google announced some key updates to Classrooms. Google Classroom is.

Google’s data saving app Datally gets several new upgrades

  Google had rolled out its data saving app ,Datally, which aimed at emerging markets.

A bug erased the tablets section off Google’s Android sites

It appears that it actually was a bug that entirely erased tablets off Google’s Android.

Moto G6, LG’s G7 and V35 phones to get Google’s Project Fi support

Project Fi, Google’s wireless service, is getting support for a number of new phones today..

With Google’s latest update, Google Assistant users will be able to create their own Custom Routines

For Google Assistant fans, routines are probably one of the best features the Google Assistant.