MidEast airlines lead world on cargo growth in September

Middle East carriers posted the fastest air cargo growth of any region in September, according.

Growth of 3% across Arab economies in 2019, report predicts

The growth rate of Arab economies as a group is expected to be 2.3 percent.

Gulf carriers see air cargo volume growth slump in August

Middle Eastern carriers posted a 2.2 percent increase in freight volumes in August compared to.

MidEast carriers see sharp fall in July passenger demand growth

Passenger demand growth registered by Middle East carriers fell sharply to 4.8 percent in July,.

Gulf carriers post strongest air cargo growth in the world in July

Air cargo growth in the Middle East was the highest registered anywhere in the world.

Bahrain reports successful growth of 156% in awarding tender opportunities

Bahrain saw strong growth in its tender opportunities in the past 12 months, according to.

Worldwide Shipment of PC’s Looked at a Huge Growth Since 2012

According to Gartner, collector of marketshare and industry metrics, global shipments of personal computers just.

IMF predicts 1.9% growth in Saudi economy owing to higher oil prices

Following Jadwa Investment’s report, the International Monetary Fund has also predicted a growth forecast for.

Growth on key Asia, Europe routes boosts Gulf airlines in April

Healthy passenger demand growth on key routes to Asia and Europe boosted traffic for Gulf-based.

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