Apple may launch a dual sim iPhone soon

Apple released the fifth beta of iOS 12 a few days ago. 9to5mac discovered strings.

What to expect from the next iPhone lineup

At a time when there has been several news leaks regarding the much anticipated Samsung’s.

Apple adapter provides fast charging capacity

  At present the cable that comes with a latest iPhone does not plug into.

Apple’s new iPhone line to come in a wide array of colors

  Apple is reportedly all set to launch three iPhone lines this fall. One, a.

It is great to see a hardware startup think outside the fitness band – a Motiv’s fitness ring

  I was astonishingly inspired when I tested out Motiv’s fitness ring. Honestly, I am.

Should you download the new iOS 12 ?

The brand new iPhone software can now be downloaded. But that doesn’t mean it should. When.

World’s best-shipping smartphone model over the holiday season

Apple has not been typically transparent about the iPhone X’s numbers, in part because it.

The headphone jack might be making a return on the new iPhone

The headphone jack might be making a comeback. Leaked pictures show a design similar to.

Apple reveals ‘Daisy,’ iPhone’s new recycling robot

  Apple’s latest recycling robot was recently  revealed a few days before Earth Day, in.

Apple launches new black and red iPhone 8

Apple  just unveiled a new version of the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. It.