Gateway Gulf Investor Forum: Mohammed Alshaya says Kuwaiti government should accelerate the privatisation of co-op stores

Mohammed Alshaya, the executive chairman of the Alshaya Group of companies recently spoke at the.

Bazza Alzouman’s collection are available now on global e-commerce website “Moda Operandi”

Customers can now buy Kuwaiti fashion designer Bazza Alzouman’s collection on global e-commerce website Moda.

Bitcoin value falls extensively, at least 12,000 Kuwaiti investors lose millions

As the value of Bitcoin fell extensively from $19,500 in December to beneath $8,000 in.

Kuwaiti blogger sentenced for 31 years in prison for slandering UAE

    Kuwaiti blogger, Dr Abdullah Al-Saleh, was recently sentenced to five years in prison.

Kuwaiti consumer sector shows signs of improvement in the third quarter of 2017

According to a new report from NBK Economics, In the third quarter of 2017, Kuwait’s.

Sulaiman Binjassem, a Kuwaiti activist a starts hunger strike in jail to demand a mistrial

Sulaiman Binjassem is a Kuwaiti activist who was one of 67 people handed prison sentences.

BMI report claims increase in economic rate of Kuwait in 2018

According to news reported by BMI Research, the economic growth of Kuwait is going to increase.

OPEC cut compliance reaches 122%, says Kuwaiti oil minister – Energy,Kuwait

The compliance of OPEC and independent producers with oil output cuts in force since January.

Kuwaiti Nationals in Private Sector to Largely Advance Economy

  The report by TICG – a joint company of the Kuwait Investment Authority (KIA),.

Translation correction saves Kuwaiti ministry $23m – Construction,Kuwait

Kuwait’s Ministry of Public Works has reportedly amended the translation error in a document specifying.