Light is back with a latest twist on its anti-smartphone phone

Light is back with a latest twist on its anti-smartphone phone. But this time, alternatively.

Scientists discover Puffins have hidden fluorescent beaks that shine like glow sticks under UV light

For a long time scientists have suspected that Puffins’ colorful beaks are a form of.

City FC wins in all age categories in 3rd week of UAE FA Academy League

City FC has won in all three age categories in the third week of the.

Lucnt SRL1 – Fascinating little piece of hardware made for the discerning bikester

When is a bike light not a bike light? When it turns off itself automatically.

Baidu – a Premier Chinese AI Company Decides to Sail to Japan with its Innovative Technology

  Baidu’s DuerOS is essentially China’s version of Alexa – Amazon’s cloud-based voice service. Over.

Houses get Safer as Security Startup, Ring acquires Led Maker Company, Mr Beam

A startup that focuses on making your houses and neighborhoods in general safer by using.

Google to bring Rural India online using Light beams technology.

Google plans to use Free Space Optical Communications (FSOC), a technology that uses beams of light.

Energy-saving LEDs boost light pollution worldwide

MIAMI, US: They were supposed to bring about an energy revolution — but the popularity.

Ton-up Rohit, Kohli make light of target at Nagpur

Indian cricketer Rohit Sharma (R) celebrates after scoring a century (100 runs) as captain Virat.