Oman firm puts $400m in UAE private utility Utico

UAE-based private utility, Utico, has declared consenting to a venture arrangement with Majis Industrial Services,.

Oman’s residential real estate prices continued to decrease during 2018

Oman’s residential real estate prices on diminishing amid 2018 as interest stayed repressed generally, agreeing.

Visitors of Oman will need to apply for visas a week in advance of travel

In the wake of amending its visa strategies a year ago, Oman is presently indicating.

UAE battle against Oman in the opening day fixture

UAE’s Omar Abdul Rahman sparks a move during the friendly against Uzbekistan on Tuesday ‘I.

Uber is allowed to operate in Oman, if it follows regulations governing taxis

Ride-hailing app Uber is permitted to work in Oman, on the off chance that it.

Norway’s DNO exits oil fields contract in Oman

DNO, the Norwegian oil and gas administrator, has reported that its auxiliary DNO Oman Block.

Expats in Oman now make up 43.7 percent of the country’s total population

Expats in Oman presently make up 43.7 percent (2,040,274) of the nation’s absolute populace, denoting.

This one feels really good says Kitayama

Kurt Kitayama kept his cool as every other person on the leaderboard fallen to win.

Oman News: Sri Lanka begins take a shot at Oman-sponsored $3.85bn treatment facility close key port

Sri Lanka started development Sunday of an about $4 billion petroleum processing plant it expectations.

Oman is starting from a much stronger position than where Bahrain was a year ago

Moody’s Investors Service, which downgraded Oman’s FICO credit rating to junk a week ago, said.