Lucnt SRL1 – Fascinating little piece of hardware made for the discerning bikester

When is a bike light not a bike light? When it turns off itself automatically.

New deal between Facebook and Sony/ATV will allow people to post music videos on Facebook

. In an important business deal, Facebook and Sony/ATV Music signed an agreement which will.

Less Popular Twitter Feature for Blind and Visually Impaired gets new Attention

  Twitter has a lot of useful features. However some of them are not widely.

Mute people, groups and Pages for 30 days using Snooze Button on Facebook

Facebook new feature seen on the News Feed: a “Snooze” button, helps the users in controlling.

Know What people were surfing in 2017

  Few metrics in the world are developed which not only provide the insight into.

Dubai public transport lifts nearly 4m people during holidays – Transport,UAE,Middle East

Public transport in Dubai lifted nearly four million people during the holidays of the Prophet.

Bitcoin price – live updates: Sheer popularity of surging cryptocurrency causes problems for people trying to use it

The value of the digital currency is expected to fluctuate wildly. This article is being.

Facebook will temporarily disable a tool that lets advertisers exclude people of color

Facebook has been under fire for its practices and policies that enable advertisers to exclude.

Facebook defends revenge porn pilot that has people upload nude images of themselves

Facebook Global Head of Safety Antigone Davis has clarified some things about how Facebook’s test.

Saudi Arabia says 201 people held in anti-graft swoop – Politics & Economics,Banking & Finance,Saudi Arabia,Middle East

Saudi Arabia said Thursday 201 people are being held for questioning in a massive anti-graft.