Microsoft’s Seeing AI lets blind and limited-vision folks convert visual data into audio feedback

Microsoft’s Seeing AI is an application that lets visually impaired and constrained vision people convert.

Samsung users complains that their smartphones randomly sends scheduled texts to contacts.

  Few Samsung users are making a complaint that their smartphones arbitrarily sent photos and.

Research finds social media photos may actually predict the ‘health’ of a neighbourhood

Social media has become a platform for every important thing in life. Social media can.

TMZ photos make Kendall Jenner and Anwar Hadid the talk of the town

Kendall Jenner has become the talk of the town after being spotted with in what.

With the latest update to Facebook Messenger, you can now share HD videos and360-degree photos

Facebook recently announced an update to its chat app Messenger which will now allow users.

Record set : The NASA spacecraft that gave us close-ups of Pluto

  CAPE CANAVERAL: The NASA spacecraft that gave us close-ups of Pluto has set a.

Xbox Watch now showcased with the Photos

Needless to say Microsoft, along with the rest of the tech world, was working on.

Get your best photo collage from 2017 Best Nine

Its time to thank It is a website which lets you automatically collect your pictures.

Facebook Launches Facial Recognition Feature

  Facebook is known to regularly update its software and launch features that are more.

Can a subconscious AI fix low res digital photos?

  Let’s Enhance is an Estonia-based startup that’s using a so-called ‘hallucinating AI’ deep neural network.