Saudi Arabia continues to be investment hub despite anti corruption drive: Investcorp

  A few concerns arose after the Saudi government led its anti corruption strike, detaining.

Kuwait’s banking sector will see growth as oil prices rise in 2018 : BMI Report

  According to a new report by BMI, rising oil process in the country will.

Oman: Six month ban issued work visas for expatriates from 10 sectors

  In an effort by the Omani government to “Omanise” the labor sector,  Sheikh Abdullah.

Bahrain Believes it Can Grow at a Rapid Pace Even After Saudi’s Vision 2030 Announcement

  Bahrain believes it still can continue to attract investments this year despite the growing.

Kuwait is facing “lower-for-longer” oil prices

According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Kuwait is going through “lower-for-longer” oil prices from.

Rising oil prices unlikely to trigger new Gulf boom time – Politics & Economics,GCC,Banking & Finance,Middle East

Rising oil prices are easing fears of a financial crisis in the Gulf, but they.

Kuwait protests following deregoratory remarks by Saudi adviser, Turki al-Shaikh against a Kuwait Minister

  Recently one of the senior advisor to the Saudi Royal Court, made disparaging remarks.

Saudi Graft Settlements Probe Nears End – It’s likely to be over $100 billion

  Saudi authorities are likely to recover more than $100 billion in settlement agreements with.

Business Confidence Falls in UAE & Saudi with the Introduction of VAT

  Business confidence in the UAE and Saudi Arabia dwindled ahead of the launch of.

Lebanese President Michel Aoun takes first Gulf Trip post shocking resignation and return of the Prime Minister

On Tuesday Michel Oun, the Lebanese President took part the Lebanese Government’s first trip to.