Dubai’s private K12 education market is the fastest growing in the world

  With AED6.8 billion ($1.85 billion) of tuition profits during the 2016/2017 academic year, Dubai’s.

Piece of Advice: Keep your Trello boards private and do not put login credentials in them

David Shear at security firm Flashpoint recently found out in a research that there are.

Will private debt fund Gulf’s next property boom?

The next decade is expected to witness a major growth in private debt as an.

Echo Just Recorded And Sent A Private Conversation to A Random Contact

  A Portland family states that their Echo recorded their private conversation and then sent.

In a weird event, a Portland family’s Alexa sent private conversation to a contact

What may seem like a strange and alarming event, A Portland family has reported that.

Saudi Arabia’s non-oil private sector ended 2017 with a sharp improvement in business conditions

Saudi Arabia’s non-oil private sector winded up 2017 with a steep development in business conditions,.

DHA to collaborate with private sector to build healthcare innovation centre

Dubai Health Authority (DHA) is soon to launch an innovation centre in a public-private collaboration.

ParkBee allows private car parks legalize underused place

ParkBee, a Netherlands-founded startup that allows private car parks legalize underused place by making them.

GFH Financial Group announces its subsidiary will sell 70% stake in the Dubai’s Philadelphia Private School

The  GFH Financial Group (GFH) located in Bahrain has announced that a subsidiary has agreed.

Microsoft to integrate Azure Stack with Azure Government to help Azure Cloud run on government agencies’ private servers

In an effort to attract more government clients, Microsoft said it will integrate Azure Stack,.