Qatar might turn into an island, as rival Saudi Arab plans a canal the length of its border

Saudi Arabia revealed intentions to dig a canal the length of its border with Gulf.

Saudi Arabia raises $11 billion in the biggest EM bond sale of the year beating Qatar ahead of the sale

Saudi Arabia beat estranged neighbour Qatar to the bond market, raising $11 billion in the.

Qatar to stop risky civilian aircraft flying on asserted flight paths

The UAE’s General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) has called on Qatar to stop risky civilian.

Qatar: 13 out of 19 World Cup contractors overworking their employees

A report into conditions faced by workers building stadiums for the 2022 football World Cup.

Qatar World Cup stadium will be the location for the 2019 world athletics championships

Work practices at a Qatar World Cup stadium development site where a British worker expired.

Saudi Arabia demands FIFA to drop Qatar from 2022 World Cup amidst accusations vote buying

  Saudi Arabia recently demanded that FIFA drop Qatar from the 2022 World Cup. The.

Qatar is trying to mislead the international community

The UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Egypt believe that Qatar is trying to mislead the.

Art and Civilization Museum, Louvre Abu Dhabi replaces map of Arabian Peninsula that omitted Qatar

  The famous art and civilization museum The Louvre Abu Dhabi recently replaced the Gulf.

Paris: Louvre museum refutes claims of opening an investigation in Qatar map row

  Few days earlier, a controversy ensued when Qatar was left off a map of.

$275m Qatar dispute adds to the financial woes of Carillion

  Carillion, a UK based multinational facilities management and construction services company, has recently faced.