Saudi Aramco developing universal gas business to lessen carbon impression

Saudi Aramco is building a worldwide gas business as it attempts to lessen its carbon.

Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services rolls out Help Me app to reduce the response time to emergencies

The Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services has launched the Help Me app, which aims to.

Etisalat Digital joins hands with Dubai Future Accelerator to use AI to reduce crimes and road congestion

It was announced last week that Etisalat Digital has partnered with Dubai Future Accelerators to.

Dubai Municipality says its new initiative helps reduce construction costs by 12%

  Dubai Municipality has said its new initiative that allows contractors to design and supervise.

WhatsApp few days ago introduced labels that show when a message has been forwarded

  In a bid to stop the spread of fake information and spam, WhatsApp few.

A new high-tech device developed which aims in reducing the risk of drowning

The United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) students are developing a new high-tech device which targets.

Students at UAE University Create Special Bracelets to Reduce Risk of Drowning

  Students at the United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) are creating a new high-tech device.

Tesla plans to reduce workforce by one-tenth

Tesla is planning to cut its employees by almost one-tenth as the electric car producer.

Emirates and Etihad to temporary reduce operations during the summer and autumn months

Both Emirates and Etihad have announced that the UAE’s two leading international airlines will be.

Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act, forcing Microsoft reduce obscenity decreases erotica authors ratings on Amazon

The upcoming Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act, in addition to making Microsoft move to reduce.