Despite core operation losses Etihad Airways annual results show higher revenues and decreasing losses

Etihad Airways has announced annual results from last year which show higher revenues and shrinking.

Google to ban ads related to cryptocurrency products from its search results from June

Google recently announced that it will be banning all advertising relating to cryptocurrency products and.

Cleartrip reports its strongest ever quarterly results for Q4 2017

  This year online travel company, Cleartrip has posted its strongest ever results for the.

Celebs to answer your questions on Google’s search results

A new feature that will allow celebrities and other notable figures to answer users’ search.

Microsoft looks to make Bing results smarter with new AI-powered features and Reddit partnership

At a special AI-focused event today in San Francisco, Microsoft announced a number of feature.

YouTube admits ‘disturbing’ autocomplete results suggested child sex searches

YouTube’s autocomplete feature has been suggesting disturbing search terms to users. People have found that.

Google is surfacing Texas shooter misinformation in search results — thanks also to Twitter

Google has once again been called out for algorithmically encouraging the spread of dubious, politically.

In their first Russia hearing, tech giants try to placate Congress (with mixed results)

On Tuesday, the Senate Judiciary Committee kicked off the first of three hearings this week.