StanChart, BNP added as co-managers for Saudi Aramco’s landmark international bond sale

Standard Chartered and BNP Paribas are among around twelve banks prone to be included as.

Apple Pay may launch in Saudi Arabia

Apple Pay may dispatch in Saudi Arabia adjust this week, as per neighborhood notices. Commercials.

Saudi Arabian Oil Co to build a $10 billion refining and petrochemical complex

Saudi Arabian Oil Co has concurred set up a joint endeavor with two Chinese firms.

Al Seer Marine plans to build unmanned surface vessels for the kingdom

Al Seer Marine, an Abu Dhabi-based marine maker, has consented to a key organization arrangement.

Government of Saudi Arabia will free 850 Indian nationals currently imprisoned in the kingdom

Saudi Arabia has additionally expanded the quantity for Indian hajj pilgrims to 200,000. Amid his.

Saudi News: Desperate and stowing away, crumbled Saudi Oger labourers left in limbo

Almost two years after the breakdown of the development goliath Saudi Oger rendered thousands jobless,.

Concealed Treasures: The adornments of Saudi Arabia goes in plain view in Dubai

DUBAI: More than 300 invaluable things of adornments from Saudi Arabia, from Bedouin belts to.

Sultan Mohamed Abuljadayel is the man behind deal for 30% stake in London newspaper group

UK reports name Sultan Mohamed Abuljadayel as man behind deal for 30% stake in London.

Export power Germany has long had a troubled relationship with selling arms abroad

Export power Germany has long had a disturbed association with selling arms abroad, an inheritance.

Saudi Arabia has announced the largest 5G commercial roll-out in the Middle East and North Africa

Saudi Arabia has declared the biggest 5G business take off in the Middle East and.