Saudi Arabia will supply its clients with significantly less oil than they requested in April

Saudi Arabia will supply its customers with essentially less oil than they mentioned in April,.

Saudi’s Public Investment Fund has launched the kingdom’s first commercial helicopter operator

The helicopter organization will offer private air transport and vacationer trips inside Saudi’s real urban.

hree Saudi women have been given tickets to guide tourism

RIYADH: Three Saudi ladies have been offered tickets to manage in the wake of participating.

Saudi’s SICO announced the opening the first phase of Quwaieyah Mall in Al Quwaieyah City

Saudi Investment Company (SICO), a developer, proprietor and administrator of shopping centers in Saudi Arabia,.

India is seeking investment from Saudi Arabia to build emergency crude reserves

India is looking for speculation from Saudi Arabia to manufacture crisis rough holds that will.

Saudi Arabia’s competition enforcement will have more teeth under a revamped law

Saudi Arabia’s competition enforcement will have more teeth under a patched up law intended to.

The United States is set to overtake Saudi Arabia as the world’s largest energy exporter

Out of the blue since Saudi Arabia started selling oil in the 1950, the United.

Condemn the mosque attacks in New Zealand says Gulf

Gulf states censure the mosque assaults in New Zealand that killed something like 49 admirers.

Saudi Arabia is in talks to partner with Milan’s famous La Scala opera house

Saudi Arabia is in converses to collaborate with Milan’s popular La Scala opera house, in.

NMC Health is signing definitive documents to form a joint venture in Saudi Arabia

UAE-based healthcare operator NMC Health, has declared the marking of conclusive records to frame a.