Google Updates Event Search with Personalised Event Suggestions

Last May, Google recently dropped a new events feature designed making it easier for web.

Apple now offers Search Ads in thirteen countries

Apple had earlier introduced a new pay-per-install ad product called Search Ads Basic aimed at.

NASA Begins Major Search for Alien Worlds

​NASA’s Tess spacecraft has officially begun its science missions, exploring the universe as it looks.

Google launches new search feature in the MENA region to provide direct access to information

Google has rolled out a new feature in the Middle East and North Africa allowing.

Google’s new feature helps you search movies more efficiently

  Google is rolling out a new feature today that will help you better plan.

Google to ban ads related to cryptocurrency products from its search results from June

Google recently announced that it will be banning all advertising relating to cryptocurrency products and.

Google’s begins to rank websites using mobile-first search index

Google has begun the process to rank website pages using a mobile first search index..

Voice-enabled devices to make search more easier and accurate

Report by Lisa Lacy: In spite of the presence of massive number of voice enabled.

Flight and Hotel searches made easy by Google

Google today is expanding its booking features for travelers using Google services including Trips, Flights.

Celebs to answer your questions on Google’s search results

A new feature that will allow celebrities and other notable figures to answer users’ search.