Voice-enabled devices to make search more easier and accurate

Report by Lisa Lacy: In spite of the presence of massive number of voice enabled.

Flight and Hotel searches made easy by Google

Google today is expanding its booking features for travelers using Google services including Trips, Flights.

Celebs to answer your questions on Google’s search results

A new feature that will allow celebrities and other notable figures to answer users’ search.

Oath complains against Firefox as it switches from Yahoo to Google

A few weeks after Mozilla announced it would be changing Firefox’s default search engine from.

Google launches a data-friendly search app for users in emerging markets

Google is continuing its push to make its services accessible for people with lower-end mobile.

Apple buys podcast search startup Pop Up Archive

Apple’s played a central role in podcast since its earliest days — heck, even the.

Apple introduces a new pay-per-install ad product called Search Ads Basic

Apple today is introducing a new way for app developers to acquire users for their.

Adeptmind raises $4.5M from Fidelity to bring smarter search to retailers

If you’ve ever searched for a product on any website that’s not Amazon or Google,.

Google’s jobs search engine gets salary ranges, a better location filter and more

Google Search’s built-in jobs search engine, which launched earlier this year, is getting an update.

Google is surfacing Texas shooter misinformation in search results — thanks also to Twitter

Google has once again been called out for algorithmically encouraging the spread of dubious, politically.