Facebook Intensifies Support For Header Bidding

  Facebook is intensifying its support for header bidding, a technology which will allow publishers.

Moto G6, LG’s G7 and V35 phones to get Google’s Project Fi support

Project Fi, Google’s wireless service, is getting support for a number of new phones today..

Kuwait’s Finance Minister Wants Support From Parliament For Economic Improvement

Kuwait’s finance minister is working to gain quick support from the parliament for an economic.

Amazon Adds Support For Alexa Voice Control For Amazon Music

  In September, Amazon declared that it will be adding support for Alexa voice control.

Abadi’s alliance “paves the way for the return of the corrupt”

  BAGHDAD: Iraq’s powerful cleric Muqtada Al-Sadr has quit his assistance for Prime Minister Haider.

Saudi Arabia: King Salman extends support to Morocco against Iran during cabinet meeting

  Saudi Arabia: King Salman recently called a cabinet meeting with the objective to unify.

After Apple, Google steps forward in support of the Clean Power Plan

Following tech giant Apple,  Google has also mad its stand clear for the Clean Power.

Latest MacOS update brings external GPU support through Thunderbolt 3

  The latest update to macOS provides support for external graphics card. Apple announced this.

Motiv’s fitness tracking ring is a real astonishing little article

  I was greatly surprised by Motiv. Sure, my hopes were less for a fitness.

New pocket friendly 9.7-inch iPad with Apple Pencil support unveiled by Apple

  Apple is holding a press conference right now in Chicago. And the company unveiled.