Abu Dhabi Airports has announced plans to transform Al Ghazal Golf Club and Sports Resort

Al Ghazal Golf Club and Sports resort will feature a paintball park, a simulation golf.

Annoyed by new Gmail redesign? Thankfully you can turn the annoying feature off

  Gmail has recently introduced a brand new redesign. While you can disable or ignore.

Apple may just be working with Volkswagen to turn T6 Transporter vans into autonomous shuttles for employees

According to a report by The New York Times, Apple has decided to work with.

Scientists May Have Found A Way to Turn Immortality Into A Reality

Ever thought about being able to live forever? If so, there’s we might have some.

Dubai investor to buy New York’s Plaza Hotel with plans to turn it into a global brand

Shahal Khan, a Dubai-based buyer  has teamed up with a US real estate giant to.

Latest update by Amazon lets you turn your Echo into a one-way intercom system

  The much awaited update by Amazon for the Echo is finally here. Alexa Announcements.

Qatar might turn into an island, as rival Saudi Arab plans a canal the length of its border

Saudi Arabia revealed intentions to dig a canal the length of its border with Gulf.

Snapchat is proceeding to allocate resources to build out Snap Map

  Snapchat may yet be receiving a lot of warmth for their redesign, but the.

Tapas Media is focusing on selling print comics from great publishers in web- and mobile-friendly formats

  Tapas Media has its personal platform for digital comics — but like a lot.

Google to block annoying and intrusive ads in Chrome from February 15

How many times have annoying ads on websites bothered us? Websites all over the internet.