Twitter has enforcing to shutter accounts that promote violence against citizens

It would begin enforcing new hate speech rules to shutter accounts that promote violence against.

Twitter is having a good day on wall street

Finally on wall Street Twitter is having a good day as it heads into the.

Hostile to antibody posts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter could be restricted under new UK laws

The UK government is thinking about new standards to restrict any enemy of immunization posts.

Talk with Taylor Lorenz – about-to-be member of Harvard’s prestigious Nieman Fellowship for journalism -TechCrunch

This week Taylor Lorenz was in high demand. At The Atlantic as a prolific journalist.

Jordan’s Queen Rania has warned that negativity on Facebook and Twitter is spreading onto the streets

Jordan’s Queen Rania has cautioned that cynicism on Facebook and Twitter is spreading onto the.

Twitter opens applications for its ‘model’ program, first tests to concentrate on fixing discussions – TechCrunch

Twitter today is opening up applications for its new testing system, first declared at CES.

Twitter ‘assumed control more than’ a client’s record and clowned about perusing their DMs – TechCrunch

When tech monsters have experienced harsh criticism for neglecting to ensure the private information of.

TwitSnap? Twitter starts new camera highlight to downgrade content – TechCrunch

Twitter is revealing the upgrade to its camera highlight TechCrunch gave an account of a.

BlackBerry is suing Twitter for alleged patent infringement

BlackBerry, the previous cell phone producer, is suing Twitter for supposed patent encroachment. On the.

Twitter fellow benefactor Ev Williams to venture down from the organization’s board – TechCrunch

Ev Williams, a prime supporter of Twitter and the internet based life business’ previous CEO,.