UAE’s attorney general has ordered the arrest of an Asian Cup video posting social media

In the video, the suspects were shown ordering a group of Asian people, which they.

UAE-based electronics retail firm, Ecity plans to expand with Abu Dhabi Store

UAE-based electronics retail firm, Ecity, plans to expand with the introduction of the Abu Dhabi.

Gulf Capital has successfully exited its investment in Amana Healthcare

Gulf Capital has reported that it has effectively left its interest in Amana Healthcare, the.

Tariq Bajwa has hailed a $3 billion deposit from the UAE

Tariq Bajwa, Governor of the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) has hailed a $3 billion.

Emirates Global Aluminium has announced a milestone in Guinea bauxite mining project

Emirates Global Aluminum (EGA) has reported an achievement at its under-development Guinea bauxite mining venture.

Oman firm puts $400m in UAE private utility Utico

UAE-based private utility, Utico, has declared consenting to a venture arrangement with Majis Industrial Services,.

HSBC says new $250m HQ demonstrates duty to the UAE

Banking goliath HSBC has formally opened its new $250 million home office in Downtown Dubai.

A US military hospital funded by the United Arab Emirates will be built in Abu Dhabi

Lieutenant General Charles Hooper said the US would send therapeutic military staff in help of.

UAE bank starts digital money withdrawal

Emirates Islamic said the administration enables clients to make exchanges to beneficiaries utilizing just their.

UAE battle against Oman in the opening day fixture

UAE’s Omar Abdul Rahman sparks a move during the friendly against Uzbekistan on Tuesday ‘I.