UK Navy warship makes record narcotics bust in the Gulf

The $95m seizure by HMS Dragon is the largest ever by a multi-national policing operation.

UK Heatwave Causes Rare Flamingo to Lay Eggs

  The heatwave that has captured the UK in recent weeks has resulted in rare.

Fine for disobeying speeding limits while driving a Lamborghini Huracan in Dubai

British tourist Farah Hashi, who racked up fines of AED170,000 ($46,283) in just three hours.

UK : New safety restrictions for drone users in use from today

  Consumers using drones in the UK have new safety restrictions they must obey starting.

Wren House of the Kuwait Investment Authority has agreed to purchase NSMP

The UK-based arm, Wren House of the Kuwait Investment Authority has agreed to purchase North.

UK : Justice Secretary Blames Middle Class Drug Users For Rise In Street Violence

  The justice secretary has told middle class drug users they should feel “guilt and.

World Cup and a warm front elevate supermarket sales in UK

  A heatwave and England’s performances at the World Cup helped propel grocery sales volumes.

“Taking out the trash” day for Whitehall departments

The government has hurried out 21 written statements on the last day of the parliamentary term,.

Largest eclipse occurs at 9.30 pm and will remain for about 50 minutes

The blood moon is arriving. The lunar eclipse will very soon pass nearer to the.

UK’s organising committee announces expert panel to decide winning design for Expo 2020 Dubai pavilion

The organising committee for the UK’s presence at Expo 2020 Dubai on Thursday announced the.