Tune up your guitar skills using an awesome device – Roadie 2

  The first Roadie tuner was a modern marvel. An automatic guitar tuning method, the.

Google Play audiobooks ups its game with the latest updated features

  The latest update in Google Play Audiobooks will add a number of new features.

UPS is working on vehicles with an aim to develop trucks that cost as much to purchase traditional fuel-based delivery vehicles

UPS will be working with partner which is a battery-electric transportation technology company,Workhorse, to build and.

Amazon to launch “Shipping with Amazon” program, will compete with UPS and FedEx as an end to end shipping solution

After conquering the online retail world, Amazon is now set  to compete with high end.

UPS working in partnership with Workhorse to develop 50 custom-built electric delivery trucks

UPS will work with partner a battery-electric transportation technology company, Workhorse, to develop and deliver.

US-UAE trade asking UPS to launch its longest flight to Dubai

Dubai Expo 2020’s official logistics provider, UPS, has initiated a new non-stop to Dubai from.

UPS reserves 125 Tesla Semi fully electric heavy-duty trucks

Tesla has another new high-profile customer – UPS, which has placed the largest order yet.