Apple’s earnings call boasts over four million OS beta users

For the past few years, Apple has made early versions of its operating systems available.

UK : New safety restrictions for drone users in use from today

  Consumers using drones in the UK have new safety restrictions they must obey starting.

The 2.5 billion Facebook apps users might not actually be good news for the company

    Facebook today for the first time announced that in June, 2.5 billion people.

UK : Justice Secretary Blames Middle Class Drug Users For Rise In Street Violence

  The justice secretary has told middle class drug users they should feel “guilt and.

Millions of Chrome Users Warned About Sites Not Being Secure

  Millions of Chrome users are seeing warnings that sites are “not secure” in a.

Microsoft’s “infinite canvas” Whiteboard released to all Windows users

  Microsoft previewed White Board last May, alongside the new Surface Pro, eventually rolling it.

The code hosting service Microsoft currently obtained GitHub

GitHub, the code hosting service Microsoft currently obtained, is introducing a couple of latest properties.

iOS Users With Alexa Will Now Be Able To Control Alexa With Voice

  At the beginning of the 2018, Amazon brought voice control to its Alexa app.

Instagram’s future development rely on the growing world

  Instagram’s future development rely on the growing world, so it is constructed a edition.

Samsung users complains that their smartphones randomly sends scheduled texts to contacts.

  Few Samsung users are making a complaint that their smartphones arbitrarily sent photos and.