With Google’s latest update, Google Assistant users will be able to create their own Custom Routines

For Google Assistant fans, routines are probably one of the best features the Google Assistant.

Facebook Launches New Tool To Warn Users About Phishing Attempts

  Phishing seems like a problem that is here to stay, so I welcome any.

Microsoft’s latest set of Windows 10 updates has a lot in store for its business users

  Microsoft has introduced a ton of new features with its Windows 10 April 2018.

Now third arty apps will allow users to share directly on Facebook and Instagram Stories

  In a bid to step up its game against rival Snapchat, Facebook is asking.

LG opens Software Upgrade Center in Korea to bring latest updates of Android at a faster pace to its users

  LG  recently  opened a “Software Upgrade Center” in its native Korea in efforts to  improve.

New Google Cloud feature allows users to monitor and optimize how their data flows into their networks

Thanks to a new move by Google, users will be able to get more insights.

Apple’s latest iPad app, Digital Books, to allow users to create multimedia books like regular documents

    Apple’s new app which is part of Pages and is called Digital Books.

Facebook has refused to agree that the company secretly records the calls and messages of individuals

Facebook has refused that the company secretly records the calls and messages of individuals using.

Spotify’s new Line-In feature to let users offer input about its music data

  Spotify has  launched a new tool called Line-In that will allow its users to.

Apple teams up with Ito World to provide users with more bike sharing data in Apple Maps

  Apple recently signed a partnership with Ito World. this will aid Apple to add.