Recordings of shooting disaster in New Zealand keep reemerging via web-based networking media – TechCrunch

This is a catastrophe that doesn’t merit a smart lede, yet it is one that.

TikTok is propelling a progression of online wellbeing recordings in its application – TechCrunch

On the impact points of news that TikTok has achieved 1 billion downloads, the organization.

ABC Network sued by Michael Jackson’s estate for using his music videos without permission

  NEW YORK: Michael Jackson’s estate sued ABC on Wednesday, arguing that a special the.

No more bothersome videos that autoplay with sound in Google Chrome

  Google Chrome users can now rejoice as blaring videos that autoplay with a loud.

YouTube’s plans to use Wikipedia to help counter conspiracy videos garners surprise and scepticism

YouTube recently revealed plans to counter conspiracy theories videos on its website by using Wikipedia..

Emirates Airlinesr launch Saudi campaign videos starring comedian Badr Saleh

  . Emirates recently launched its first bespoke campaign for Saudi Arabia involving a series.

Videos Play Key Role in Car Purchasing Decisions in Gulf

  Potential car purchasers in the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait are relying on online.

New deal between Facebook and Sony/ATV will allow people to post music videos on Facebook

. In an important business deal, Facebook and Sony/ATV Music signed an agreement which will.

Share live videos through direct messages on IG

Instagram has been steadily beefing up its Direct Messaging feature in recent months, as it.

Facebook to ally with UMG to introduce Music-Based Products across its Platforms

Facebook is going to crack a first-of-its-kind licensing deal with Universal Music Group which allows.