Indian Telugu character sent via SMS, WhatsApp and other apps crashes Apple’s devies

Telugu is a widely spoken Indian language used by about 70 million people. However, in.

WhatsApp now has 1.5 billion users

Facebook’s $19 billion acquisition of WhatsApp sounds very much smarter. CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced on.

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. Whatsapp is a text messaging service that lets the users on internet send text.

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WhatsApp business accounts will either be verified, confirmed or unconfirmed

Another tidbit around how WhatsApp’s incoming business accounts will function: According to a FAQ for.

WhatsApp: New feature lets you force everyone in your group chat to stop talking and only read your messages

WhatsApp’s new Restricted Groups feature lets you force everyone else in your group to stop.

WhatsApp update lets you watch YouTube videos and message friends at the same time

WhatsApp’s latest update fixes two annoying issues. The biggest change is that YouTube videos will.

WhatsApp: You can still read people’s embarrassing deleted messages even if they think they’ve ‘unsent’ them

There’s a way for WhatsApp users to read messages you’ve sent and deleted. The messaging.

How to overcome the targets on whatsapp with fake supermarket vouchers

So many tacts and tricks are thrown towards us on whatsapp by criminals to share.

Pornographic WhatsApp GIFs removed from app after ban threat from Indonesia

Pornographic GIFs have been removed from WhatsApp, after Indonesia threatened to ban the messaging service..