Windows Virtual Desktop waiting for public review

A year ago, Microsoft declared the dispatch of its Windows Virtual Desktop service. At the.

Microsoft cautions Windows 7 clients of approaching end to security refreshes – TechCrunch

Microsoft has revealed a fix that will caution Windows 7 clients that security updates will.

Windows 10 becomes the most popular Operating System than Windows 7 – TechCrunch

Without a moment to spare for the new year, a report from Net Market-share puts.

Microsoft’s “infinite canvas” Whiteboard released to all Windows users

  Microsoft previewed White Board last May, alongside the new Surface Pro, eventually rolling it.

Microsoft Announces The Release of Windows Collaboration Displays

  Windows Collaboration Displays are some of the most intriguing bits produced by Microsoft’s Computex.

Gartner has predicted that at least 20 billion connected devices will be online in 2020

  If you have an essential Internet of Things device running Windows 10 IoT Core.

Microsoft’s latest set of Windows 10 updates has a lot in store for its business users

  Microsoft has introduced a ton of new features with its Windows 10 April 2018.

Emirates new first class is the only way to travel, with virtual windows,Zero gravity seats and personal video-call service

Emirates is all set to unveil its new Boeing 777-300ER First Class Private Suite exhibit.

Yubico has announced the launch of its $20 Security Key with support for the FIDO2/WebAuthn standard

Previous week, Yubico, the company which is the backbone of the famous YubiKey USB authentication.

Microsoft has revealed the source code for the original 1990s-era File Manager which is accessible on Github

  Microsoft has revealed the source code for the original, 1990s-era File Manager that is.