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Microsoft today reported another activity that joins under a solitary umbrella the majority of the.

Microsoft features the Xbox Adaptive Controller in enthusiastic Super Bowl advertisement – TechCrunch

Some time ago, individuals needed to trust that the Super Bowl will watch the promotions..

Microsoft Plans to Release New Xbox Hardware and Accessories by 21 August

  Microsoft might be hinting towards the new Xbox hardware and accessories that will launch.

The New Xbox Will Come in 2 Flavours, According to Sources

  It was publicised at E3 last month that Microsoft will soon be producing a.

Microsoft can now ban “offensive language” from Skype, Xbox, and Office

  A report by CSOOnline presented the possibility that Microsoft would be able to ban.

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds gains 4 million players on Xbox

People are liking Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, a game where you basically re-enact a version of.

Xbox Watch now showcased with the Photos

Needless to say Microsoft, along with the rest of the tech world, was working on.

10 best Xbox One X enhanced games

The Xbox One X is the most powerful console ever made. While that might just.

Amazon Prime Video launches globally on Xbox consoles

Today, Amazon Prime Video is launching globally for Xbox One, and will also be available.

Xbox One X review: This is the ultimate Xbox

This is the Xbox One X. It’s the fastest and smallest Xbox and the first.