The cost to the UK economy of cutting migration from the EU would swallow up the benefits of a US trade deal


The cost to the UK economy of stopping migration from the EU would end up the welfare of a US trade contract, as per the Government’s leaked effect assessment.

The effect of substituting free movement with stricter immigration manages alike of the kind to those for non-EU citizens would far extend beyond the expected increase of a US contract, Whitehall officials estimated.

It came into light this week that investigation held for the Department for Exiting the EU (DexEU) ended up Britain would be worse off after Brexit irrespective of the norms of the country’s departure from the EU.

Expansion was predicted to refuse under three likely situations  narrated in the document, received by Buzzfeed News.

The analysis – assembled secretly by officials throughout Whitehall – also predicted effect of many strong immigration policies after the UK leaves the EU.

It concluded that even a more flexible policy that guided to a smaller drop in migration from the EU would outweigh the 0.2 per cent rise in economic expansion that a US trade contract is predicted to get.

Liberal Democrat leader Sir Vince Cable stated, “The view that restricting immigration is a positive thing, something this Conservative government have only encouraged, has been starkly contradicted by their own analysis.”

He said, “This analysis shows a fall in EU migration is far from cost free. The resulting loss of skills and government revenue means any trade deal with the US won’t even begin to bring in the cash lost by a clamp down on migration post-Brexit.”

He even mentioned, “As the government’s own evidence against their blinkered hard Brexit agenda begins to mount, the British people must be given their say on the final deal with the option to exit from Brexit.”

The calculations was continuously being presented to main Cabinet ministers in one-to-one meetings ahead of a Brexit sub-committee upcoming week and was not deliberated to be made public.

But ministers were forced into settling to release the document after coming under parliamentary pressure from Labour and critics on the Tory benches

Government sources stated that the document was “incomplete” and “produced without ministerial sign-off”.

But Downing Street mentioned that the PM had seen a initial draft of the analysis previous week.

A Government spokesperson stated, “The UK will remain an open and tolerant country; one that recognises the valuable contribution those with skills and expertise make to society while also ensuring there is control of the overall numbers of migrants that come to the UK.”

He also mentioned, “As we leave the EU, we will forge new and ambitious trade deals around the world, with trading partners old and new.”


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