Zaius a customer data firm has increased $30 million in Series B funding


Zaius, a customer data firm operating with consumer brands namely Tea Forte and Burt’s Bees Baby, has increased $30 million in Series B funding.

CEO Mark Gally told that while business-to-business marketing go round around the CRM, there is a “hodgepodge” on the consumer marketing side. More particularly, he added consumer marketers have a “swivel chair problem” where they may have a customer data platform that doesn’t eventually permit marketers to do the required personalization across channels, or a marketing automation product that isn’t as “robust” when it comes to customer data.

Gally said, “We’ve literally smashed these two systems together.”  (I might quibble with his use of “literally” if it wasn’t such a fun image.)

So for example, with Zaius (which is named after the Planet of the Apes character, who was the protector of truth for the apes), a clothing brand would have entrance to key data about a customer, like the reality that they are more interested in untimely access than discounts, across devices and communications channels. They could then change their messages correspondigly.

Gally said that for few customers, Zaius can deliver a 33 percent enhancement in income every message and by permitting them to cooperate fights across channels, grow their reach by up to 50 percent.

Vice president of e-commerce and digital at Tea Forte, Jurgen Nebelung made the same point in the funding announcement, telling that utilizing other marketing software accounted in “siloed data and a disconnected customer experience.”

He also said, “Zaius brought our data into one place, delivering a complete view of how shoppers are engaging with our brand whether it’s on web, mobile or email.”

Zaius has at present increased $50.8 million in entirenfunding. The latest round was guided by Insight Venture Partners, with involvement from past investors Matrix Partners, Underscore VC and Leaders Fund. Insight Managing Director Nikitas Koutoupes is becoming a member of the firms board of directors.

Insight principal Teddie Wardi in an emailed statement said, “It’s no secret that B2C marketers are under increased pressure as their role in business continues to evolve, and they need tools of their own to help drive results.”

He also added, Through a single platform, Zaius provides B2C marketers a complete view of their customers as they move through the purchase process, paired with campaign execution tools to engage those customers with personalized communications across channels.”

Among other things, Gally said the latest funding will permit the firm extent its developer ecosystem and combine with other marketing tools.

He said, “What’s key is not forcing a rip-and-replace.”

He added, “We’re upgrading their overall systems … Not only unifying the ecosystem, but now powering the ecosystem, is a huge opportunity where we will continue to put a focus.”


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